A social network for your favorite
athletes and teams across sports history.

(Or, a social operating system for sports)

Sports is a fabric connecting all parts of society, down to the local neighborhood level.

It connects the teammates on your 2005 high school swimming team. Fan bases of the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears. Winners of the Heisman trophy. Fans in the stadium of a World Cup soccer match. It connects local businesses to the high school teams they sponsor. Brands to athletes. Athletes to the products they use. It connects people to charities, to the places they've worked in 1995 and to the local teams their workplace sponsored that season. Families connect around the teams they root for--and against. So do military units, tailgate parties, and fraternities and sororities. Even the fan-owned Green Bay Packers is a sports social network. So is your city. So is your country.

The problem is, these relationships aren't connected online in a centralized location. There is no "sports graph".

Using the most in-depth, networked, and historical databases on the planet, that's what our team is changing.

Where most people see just sports, we see an entirely new connected network: A network that distributes content across both history and geography; a network that unites fan bases around the things they root for and against; a network that makes history discoverable and relevant; a network where commerce not ads matter most; and a network that connects the missing identity layers of the social web: tribes, trophies, teammates, and events.

A network that connects the rest of the world just like sports.

Across history, down to the local level, and around the world.

Connected, new frontiers for content, commerce, and communication can be built on top.


Chris McCoy · Founder
Leads product and operations. Started YourSports in a dorm 8 years ago. A die-hard Seattle sports fan.
Jim Rutter · VP Business Development
Leads relationships. Founder at The Bootleg. Experienced venture banker. A passionate Stanford fan.
Gregg Kellogg · VP Data
Leads our API efforts. Editor of W3C JSON-LD spec. MS CS at UCLA. Over 30 years exp. Major SF Giants fan.
Tarun Jangra · Engineering Manager
Leads YourSports: India and the DevOps teams.
Daniyal Nawaz · Engineering Manager
Leads YourSports: Pakistan and frontend engineering.
Maureen Hurley · CFO
Leads our finance + HR teams. Founder at Startup-HQ.
Barbara Starr · Marketing Director
Leads our SEO efforts. An expert in the Semantic SEO space. Contributing author at SearchEngineLand.com.
Clay Loges · Board of Directors
A seasoned business executive and entrepreneur. Has been advising YourSports from inception. Yodio CEO.
Rag Bhagavatha · Board of Directors
A distributed social networking architect by trade. Lead engineering of the early social system at YourSports.
Jerry Crasnick · Media Advisor
ESPN.com senior baseball writer. Author of "License to Deal". Master Commander of the Twitter.
Ward Bullard · Sports Products advisor
Formerly the head of sports at Google+. Ward is now VP at SAP. On the Board of Directors at Stanford Athletics.
Doug Billman · Sports Business advisor
A pioneer in digital properties and the international sports businses. Doug spent over 23 years at IMG.

Work at YourSports

We're a technology company doing some really big things with data, networks, commerce, and the blockchain.

Instead of data organized around just friends and interests, we see it also organized around history and geography.

Instead of more ad-based pages and profiles, we see the future of the internet as commerce-based networks.

For any person, place, product, company, team, and organization in the world. Starting with sports.

Our big secret is that the complex data structures organizing sports connect the rest of the world too.

We believe that on top of these connections, the next great technology company will exist.

Join us on our journey.

To apply, email us your cover letter, resume, and links to your LinkedIn, Github, Quora, Twitter, StackOverflow, TopCoder, Behance, personal blog, etc. to jobs@yoursports.com.

We'll be in touch.

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